The Ultimate Shaving Guide

The Ultimate Shaving Guide By Mischa Josephs Ladies, Gentlemen, Newbies and Professionals; we’ve all been there, a blob of shaving foam and razor in hand and that’s it. We get right down to business removing

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Top 10 Foods for Kidney Health

Top 10 Foods for Kidney Health By Mischa Josephs World Kidney Health Month, a month to raise awareness to all people far and wide about the importance of kidney health. Some of you reading this

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How to Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress – we all suffer from it, it’s one of those things we wish we didn’t have to deal with but unfortunately, it is what it is.

If you think about it, Stress is like a weed, it starts out small looking like it could be part of all the other plants you started growing but then it grows and changes into something different, something that starts stealing the water and nutrients from your other plants next thing you know your entire backyard is filled with weeds of all kinds.

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6 Tips For Living Without Plastic

6 Tips For Living Without Plastic Have you ever experienced walking on the beach, the sun is setting and its extremely beautiful, and then BAM!!! An empty plastic chips packet gets stuck on your shoe.

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7 tips to save water and get clean daily?

Finally, we are getting some rain here in the Western Cape, I mean it is still not as much as we would like but it’s a start.
On that note! My dear Capetownians I hope that you realize that we are still in a drought regardless of the rain so please do not go using hosepipes to wash your cars and to water your gardens just yet. However, being in a drought does not mean you cannot keep clean; come on now, the poor hygiene in Cape Town has to end.

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Ladies! This is how to save water while showering!

It has been really hectic in Cape Town this past two years with the drought we are experiencing; especially for us ladies! I mean we want our hair clean, our legs shaved and to feel the warm water caressing our bodies. But with the water restrictions and water cuts it can be really tough.

While we may not be able to get those amazingly hot and long showers, back anytime soon, we can still look good regardless of the drought.

Below are two lists that will definitely help you save water in the shower. The first is for a quick wash and the second is when you need that extra TLC such as a clean sculp and a smooth body.

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My First Blog – Welcome

Hey! I am Mischa, Welcome to my Website and Blog.
A bit about myself, I love recycling and crafting, hence I am building a business revolving around these two aspects. I do all creations on Infinite Creations’ page and all creations have some form of recycling in the product or in the manufacturing.

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