How to Reduce Your Stress Levels

By Mischa Josephs

Stress – we all suffer from it, it’s one of those things we wish we didn’t have to deal with but unfortunately, it is what it is.

If you think about it, Stress is like a weed, it starts out small looking like it could be part of all the other plants you started growing but then it grows and changes into something different, something that starts stealing the water and nutrients from your other plants next thing you know your entire backyard is filled with weeds of all kinds.

Pro Tip: Pull it out while its young – Treat it before it’s too late!

First of all; What is Stress?

Stress is simply a reaction your body causes to changes. It can be good or bad.

Think about your wedding day for an example, so many thoughts so little time, you start feeling anxious and nervous – this is a happy day yet you are feeling stressed.

Next think about your upcoming road trip you are planning for during the December holidays, imagine while you are driving your tire gets a puncture, you are nowhere near to a garage and you somehow forgot all the tools at home to be able to change the tire. Once again this is another stressful situation but unlike the first example this is not a good situation.

Pro Tip 2: Breathe! – We think more clearly when we are not in a complete panic.

Ok! So with all that said and done, remember stress is not the end of the world, you are able to reduce your stress levels with a few simple tips.

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Stress Levels:

  • Listen to Music: Music – the magic of the world! When battling with stressful situations listen to some soothing music, maybe a song with a soft piano as the main instrument or somethings that puts you in a good mood “I’m walking on sunshine – by Kartina and the Waves” comes to mind.
  • Laugh it off: Did you hear laughter is contagious? Similar to a yawn when we see someone laughing we can’t help but join in. Another option instead of aimlessly laughing is to watch a comedy movie as this is sure to put you in a good space.
  • Call a friend: Give your bff a call, even if adult life has become so busy that you haven’t spoken in ages, just do it. Chances are that by getting together with your best bud you will already start feeling heaps and bounds better!
  • Talk to yourself: While this might sound a little crazy, we all do it even if it we don’t like to admit it (or is it just me) – drop me a message if I am not alone! But anyway back to the point – give yourself a little pick me up, tell yourself why you are upset, why you are you stressed, ask yourself questions, what can you do to fix it, etc. After all you know yourself better than anyone else.
  • Drink Tea: Tea is warm and soothing and gives us a sense of relaxation. Make yourself a warm cup of tea, have a seat on the couch put on some music (back to tip 1) inhale the steam of your tea, sip slowly and enjoy.
  • Exercise: No I am not saying go on a 20km run or do intense cardio for 2 hours straight, in actual fact a walk around the block or a light jog will do just fine. Try doing yoga or a simple 10 min intense cardio workout to get the blood pumping – most of the time stress is just a bunch of piled up energy with no-where to go so by doing some exercise it will help to release that energy overload.  

If you feel that after trying these tips you are still feeling overwhelmed and stressed out continue reading for some products that will help you take a load off.

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