7 tips to save water and get clean daily?

By Mischa Josephs

Finally, we are getting some rain here in the Western Cape, I mean it is still not as much as we would like but it’s a start.
On that note! My dear Capetownians I hope that you realize that we are still in a drought regardless of the rain so please do not go using hosepipes to wash your cars and to water your gardens just yet. However, being in a drought does not mean you cannot keep clean; come on now, the poor hygiene in Cape Town has to end.
Not to worry though! The list bellow has some handy tips on how to stay clean daily and save water at the same time.

1. Forget the bath! One bath uses a tremendous amount of water; instead take a shower.
No shower? No problem! Portable shower hoses + heads are readily available at virtually any supermarket or hardware store. These can simply be attached to your bath tap so you can take a shower with ease.


2 Install a water saving showerhead. You are able to reduce your water usage by at least 50% with this slight change.

3 Keep shower time to 2mins, if you feel you cannot do that then use the water for wetting and rinsing only, the rest of the time the water should be off.

4 Invest in some wet wipes to do a wipe down. They work for babies most sensitive areas, so they will definitely work for all of your areas.


5 Try dry-shampoo. You should wash your hair once a week at most and when your hair starts to feel a bit oily try a good dry shampoo.


TIP: Use dry shampoo before bed, to give it a chance to work its magic through the night, style as per normal in the morning.


6 Try more water savvy options to wash your hands; instead get a waterless hand sanitizer.
Personally, I used an empty spray bottle and filled with half water and half rubbing alcohol, so we just spray our hands with that.

7 Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving. No need for a running tap when the water is not in use.

So in conclusion – Don’t bath, shower instead, get some wet wipes, use dry shampoo like it’s going out of fashion and use hand sanitizer!!!

Feel free to send me more tips via email at hello@infinitecreations.co.za or via any social channels.

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