Ladies! This is how to save water while showering!

By Mischa Josephs

It has been really hectic in Cape Town this past two years with the drought we are experiencing; especially for us ladies! I mean we want our hair clean, our legs shaved and to feel the warm water caressing our bodies. But with the water restrictions and water cuts it can be really tough.
While we may not be able to get those amazingly hot and long showers, back anytime soon, we can still look good regardless of the drought.
Below are two lists that will definitely help you save water in the shower. The first is for a quick wash and the second is when you need that extra TLC such as a clean scalp and a smooth body.

Quick Wash
1. After turning the shower on, make sure the water is running into a bucket while you are waiting for the water to warm up, this way you will be saving the water instead of having it run down the drain.
This water can be used to wash up dishes, clothing or flush the toilet. Remember the aim is to not let any water go to waste.

2. Get into the shower and wet your body thoroughly.
3. Turn off your shower straight after you are watered down: Wash yourself thoroughly while the water is turned off.
4. Turn on your shower rinse off all soap, this shouldn’t take longer than 30seconds.
5. DO NOT get comfy under the warm water, you are clean, the soap is washed off, it’s time to get out.

If you are washing your hair and doing other beauty musts:
1. Fill 1-2 LITER jug with water, use 1L to wet your hair, make sure this water runs into a clean container. Shampoo your hair and then rinse with the same water that you initially wet your hair with, make sure to catch that water again, your hair might not be completely rinsed but its fine, Shampoo again and then rinse with the slightly soapy water from the initial wash, Rinse again with 1L of clean water make sure that it gets all the shampoo out, so do it slowly and in stages. Condition your hair at this point (optional).
2. Turn on your shower for a quick splash to wet yourself and then put it off again, it shouldn’t have taken more than 2L to wet yourself. Wash your body while the shower is turned off.
3. Before you rinse off the soap, lather the areas you plan on shaving with shaving cream and remove hair as needed.
4. Turn on your shower again and rinse all soap, conditioner and shaving foam residue off.
5. DO NOT get comfy under the warm water, you are clean, the soap is washed off, it’s time to get out.

There you go! You just turned a 30min shower into a 2min shower (amount of water not literally time) by simply only using the water to only wet and rinse. Remember, it’s not a need to shower every day, fill a bowl with water and do a wipe down, or invest in some wet wipes (if they are good enough for a baby’s bottom, best believe they are good enough for your daily personal hygiene).
For more water saving tips check out my previous blog, 7 tips to save water and get clean daily.
I would love to hear from you if you have any of your own tips or thoughts to share, please drop me a mail at or via any of the relevant social channels.

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