5 Easy and Affordable DIY home décor ideas

By Mischa Josephs

Have you ever experienced walking into an absolutely beautiful home with the most stunning décor and just wishing that your home could look half as good?

Well it can! With some elbow grease and a splash of creativity you’ll be well on your way to creating your dream home.

First things first – You need to decide on a colour scheme, unless your plan is for your home to look like a clown house, which I guess could be fun and special in its own unique way. But you don’t want guests coming into your home thinking “‘wth’ is going on in here – there’s a blue carpet with a black and green stripped couch and yellow scatter cushions with an orange painted wall.”

My head is getting sore just thinking about that kind of disaster!

While saying that, I actually lived in that kind of disaster! It happens without you knowing; you see nice things in a store and you think “that could look great in my home” and this happens a couple of times until you are surrounded by a horde of things that do not complement each other at all.

So back to my first point, you NEED a colour scheme and some form of plan to make your home look good.

So let’s get to it with these very easy and affordable DIY décor ideas.

1 When someone visits you, usually the first thing they see is a welcome mat. But they don’t always feel very welcoming, and a lot of the time they can be really dull, boring and simply only meant for dirty shoes.
However, a welcome mat could be so much more! Make sure your guests feel good from the first second of stepping foot into your home by decorating a welcome mat with some colour or humor.
As the saying goes, You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make it count.

Source: Pexels Mabel Amber

2 Cover old worn out scatter cushions with a new fabric that compliments your colour scheme. After all scatter cushions are the perfect room filler why not make them look great.

Source: Pexels Terje Sollie

3 Are your walls looking dull, plain and boring? Are those dull walls giving off the same feeling to the rest of the room? The cure?

An accent wall!

One wall that is a different colour or pattern to the rest of the walls is a great way to liven things up.

In my bedroom of my previous apartment I painted the narrowest wall a dark blue, unfortunately I don’t have a picture to show but bellow is an image of a similar design as my own.

Source: pexels
Location: Erf 81 food and craft market

4. Give your home a personal touch by adding some of your own images at your entrance or living room, in photo frames that are a contrast colour to the walls.

TIP: Make your own photo frames out of wood offcuts from your nearest hardware store.

Source: Pexels Wangming photo

5 Use old coffee jars as storage containers or decorative pieces.Wash and decorate them as desired.

Add labels if you plan to use it for kitchen essential storage containers, such as for sugar, flour, tea bags, etc.;
5.2 or for bathroom essential storage containers such as cotton wool balls, ear buds, bath salts and soaps.
5.3 These jars can also be used for decorative purposes such as candle holders, or flower vase.
5.4 They are also great for stationary and utensil holders.

Source: Infinite Creations

The possibilities are endless and while these ideas were pretty simple, they make all the difference.

If you go ahead and try any of these please send me pics of your creations to hello@infinitecreations.co.za or via your preferred social channel, I would love to see them!

Happy Creating

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