My First Blog – Welcome

By Mischa Josephs

Hey! I am Mischa, Welcome to my Website and Blog.

A bit about myself, I love recycling and crafting, hence I am building a business revolving around these two aspects. I do all creations on Infinite Creations’ page and all creations have some form of recycling in the product or in the manufacturing.

“One person’s trash might be another person’s treasure.”

When I was a child I was always picking up litter along the road and got very into recycling drives at school, and I guess the passion stuck with me through the years; so much so that I decided to turn it into a career. There was one time I even participated in a Greenpeace ‘protest’.

It really angers me knowing that there are people in this world who do not appreciate the World enough to just keep the paper in their pocket until they get to a bin. It makes zero sense what so ever.

Ok, breathe… now that I am done venting lets carry on.

My main aim is to reduce our carbon footprint. How? You may ask…

If you have been following Infinite Creations, you know it is all about recycling – turning throw away into reusable and making things pretty again and possibly giving the item a new function. Of the goods I use 90% are used items or things people throw away- After all “One person’s trash might be another person’s treasure.”

Location: Erf 81 food and craft market

In future posts I will be doing everything from tips on how to save water, easy décor ideas you can do from home, recycling tips and so much more. If there is anything you would like me to write about, I am all ears, drop me a mail at or if you would prefer social channels click on the social link you best prefer and let’s get chatting.

Stay tuned and keep following for more creations and updates.

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